Interlude Hotels Resorts is a brand of Interlude Management Srl, it is a new experience in the management of tourist accommodation. It has a team of qualified people with a passion for excellence and able to give the customer full attention.
A team capable of creating and maintaining a positive climate in the working environment and able to use his creativity to meet the needs of every customer.
A pool of consultants able to look at all the departments of your hotel to develop productivity, analyze your costs and plan your budget, improve your brand reputation using modern tools related to social media marketing, manage and train your human resources so that they can share the mission and philosophy of your service.
Renew your hotelier experience becomes Very Interlude People.

Why choose Interlude

  • Very Interlude People

    Interlude Management, a new hotel management experience.

  • Total Revenue Management

    Total revenue management, the best solutions for specific target markets.

  • Brand Reputation and Social Media Marketing

    Marketing strategies that can improve the perceived value of a custode with the aim of increasing sales and beating competitors

  • Our Services

    Interlude  Hotels  &  Resorts offers a specialized sales team that cooperate with you to increase your bookings and your sale activities.