The philosophy of the brand has its roots in offering to its guests a new travel experience in a typically emotional approach. In recent years, thanks to daily life and globalization of consumption, we have become accustomed to an ever-more pressing demand for customised services able to respond efficiently to all our needs. This concept, especially in tourism and receptive field, reaches maximum levels of expression and demand, with a crisis of the traditional tour market and with a growing demand for tailor-made solutions.
As well as the Interlude is the break of a musical moment, a change of regime in an artwork, Interlude & Resorts Hotels represents a change in your daily life, the break from the bustle of every day in places where nature and man appear to work together to provide magical scenery and unforgettable moments.
The hotels of Interlude aren't necessarily very small structures or structures with the same architectural features. These structures, for their intrinsic characteristics, for the quality of the service, are an expression of places and traditions of history and modernity.
Renew your stay experience is the mission that permeates each structure, meaning it also the renewal of the experience of providing quality tourist services.

If you feel you are ready for that and want to be part of our Team contact us. We will immediately contact you as soon as opening positions that reflect your uniqueness will be avaible.

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