Expo 2015 & Isole Slow Sicily

This year is considered the “Year of Food and Sustainability” at the next EXPO 2015 in Milan.

Expo Foody

There are places where sustainability, and respect for mother earth and its seasonal cycles are incorporated into normal everyday life via the local cuisine.


Slow Islands Communities are an example of this lifestyle. There is love for agriculture and all things natural.  In these communities there flourishes a genuine love of food and respect for traditional cuisine.  Here, the fragile island environment is respected and protected.  The small-scale fishing economy is sustainable, and the ocean that surrounds them sparkle with life.  All these things result in a style of  tourism carefully sculptured to minimally impact the ecosystem.


The objectives of the Slow Food Island Community is to recover the islands autonomy, and exploit its resources in an environmental responsible and sustainable manner in order to share the rich  island experience with tourists.  An example of ecological management is the mapping of  agricultural and fish resources that characterize the islands. Farmers and fishermen work with restaurants to ensure proper resource management, and pass on this ecologically minded  attitude to the island’s many visitors,  creating  a sustainable tourism model capable of transforming  visitors into "emotional residents”.

This example has led to the creation in 2013 of “Sicilian Slow Islands Conduct” and combines the islands of Salina, Ustica and Lipari, not for a territorial union, but a union on the basis of mutual love of the sea and the wish to keep it a viable resource for generations to come.


So this year the “Salina Isola Slow” Edition, which was held from 30 May to 1 June, will be divided into a series of proposals. The beautiful scenery, sustainable agriculture and the deep-rooted traditions of food, fishing are all attractive vehicles to a mindful, environmentally friendly type of tourism.

The Aeolian event will be divided into a number of activities including those dedicated to “land, sea and history.” They will include a taste of the Aeolian cuisine, and a local wine tasting in the town square. There will also be an excursion to the highest mountain of the Aeolian Islands and a taste workshop on Capers and “cucuncio” (the flower of the Caper). I have no idea what cucuncio means.

The event is also a Convention on biological diversity and will act as a valuable attraction for tourists. It will end with a Slow dinner held in an inviting location where tourists can enjoy the thousand shades of color found in Aeolian Island sunsets.

anticchia i linticchia 2015

Ustica proposes 2 Slow events this Summer. The first one is from the 13 to 20 of June, called the "Anticchia i Lenticchia” (a few lentils).  The other is held on July 17, and is called “his Majesty the Eggplant”. Both events are organized by “Sicilian Slow Islands Conduct” and the Tourism Association “VisitUstica.it”.

Sua maestà melanzana 2015

The extensive program in June includes three visits to various farms in order to discover how lentils, wine and oil are produced. Furthermore, there will be two wonderful guided tours by land and by sea. Each activity culminates with a tasting experience of the typical products of the island. In July tourists will get to savor succulent Ustica eggplants, prepared using traditional island recipes.