7 good reasons for a trip to Sicily

“Don't envy Heaven because I'm well satisfied to live in Sicily” [...] Frederick II of Swevia

Nothing is like Sicily, a unique land, an island that is not an island.


Here, the sea and mountains coexist harmoniously. It is a place where art merges and mingles with archeology, and where a millennia of ancient traditions meet and clash with modern culture.  Here, the heat of summer blends with the snowy peaks in winter and the culinary delights range from elaborate traditional dishes to simple street food.

sicilia1Here are just some of the many wonderful reasons to visit Sicily!

1) Art History:
Sicily holds about 40% of the Italian artistic heritage, which in turn represents  about 40% of the world's artistic monuments.mote porri salina


2) Stunning Monuments

Sicily now has 8 sites recognized by UNESCO and others waiting for recognition:
The archaeological Area of Agrigento
Siracusa and necropolis of Pantalica
The Villa Romana del Casale
The baroque monuments of Val di Noto
Mount Etna
The Eolian Islands Islands and not a cathedral
Sicilian Puppets.
Zibibbo (screw sapling) of Pantelleria




UNESCO pupi3) A Rich History

The history of Sicily covers several millennia from prehistoric times to the present day, and testimonies are scattered throughout the Sicilian territory, which include:
The Pantalica necropolis
Cave paintings  of Addaura, Niscemi and San Vito Lo Cape and the  Cave of Cala dei Genovesi in Levanzo (Aegadian Islands)
Lipari Aeolian Islands inhabited since middle Neolithic
Pantelleria and its megalithic constructions.

wpid-pantalica-11.jpeg4) A Cultural Crossroads

Sicilian cultural milieu has its roots in the various cultures that have left indelible marks on its soil. For the Greeks, Sicily was named "Magna Greece" to indicate its size and cultural superiority.  The Arabs referred to it as a garden of wonders.  Frederick II made it the center of his empire. It has always been coveted by major countries for its strategic location at the heart of the Mediterranean, and as a result, has been under the rule or influence of  France, Spain, Piedmont, Austria , Hungary, and England,  all of whom have left their respective traces in its culture, art and architecture.

Musomeli Castello Chiramonte5) Breathtaking Beaches

In Sicily it is possible to find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as San Vito, Lampedusa, Agrigento, and Points of ants. The sea has changing colors ranging from blue to Emerald green to turquoise,  and its cliffs have unique colors (Cala Rossa, Scala dei Turchi), It includes an archipelago, where each island, even the smallest, is a jewel which is unequaled and unique.

sciacca-tipica-spiaggia6) Active Volcanoes

The Mount Etna, the highest active volcano on the Eurasian plate.  
The Stromboli, for its peculiarities, gave its name to the volcanic activities such as “Strombolian activity"

UNESCO etna 27) Glorious Landscapes

The Sicilian landscape ranges from large cultivated valleys to the forests of the Nebrodi and Madonie.  The setting ranges from the vineyards and fields planted with fruit trees that are lush and green, to bare and dry areas.

FeudoDelBiviere_2014_-28A new and ever-changing landscape that opens eyes to new wonders and surprises. Sicily is a land of continuous discovery.