The New Interlude

Interlude changes aspect and colors with the same passion ever

Change is part of everyday life. There are some required steps that determine our evolution. Each of these moments brings us to deal with a constantly changing reality. Sometimes they are external events that dictate us; other times, they become only a natural evolution as the caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly, which will be finally free to fly.

Those who know us, and especially those who have followed the story of Interlude Hotels & Resorts, know that a long way was made. From unnamed collector to leitmotif, which has positioned itself as a Small Hotel Chain. From individual participation to a business organization, Interlude has grown, has evolved and has began to create its own space in the market of soft brands.

Five years have passed from that shy beginning. A start with some facilities, which have become historical like the Belvedere Salina and the Quintocanto Hotel & SPA and then some others have arrived, with some of them we have come a long way together even if for a while; with many others we are growing and building our future together.

Like a caterpillar, Interlude took its own steps, it encountered obstacles, it stumbled and and raised again. At the end it reached its tree, where it has built his cocoon, ready to mutate and take the flight.

Even if at the beginning we had to tell both partners and operators Interlude's philosophy and emphasize the similarities between a holiday and a musical moment of "interlude", thanks to the achieved results, today we have to notice the emergence of Interlude as a soft reference brand for small boutique hotels having less than sixty rooms.

With great pleasure and pride, today I present the evolution of our image that will accompany you in this second phase of our brand's growth.

Renew your Interlude experience!

Laura Lo Mascolo